Travel and Visa Requirements for International Students in Thailand

Visa processing for higher studies in Thailand follows a simple procedure. Students should apply well in advance to avoid any issues at a later date. Student Visas are readily available for people who have the requisite qualifications and have completed their admission formalities.  International students are granted visa which has to be renewed every 90 days. The procedure for renewal is simple. Students can opt for a vast number of options when it comes to travelling and healthcare insurance in Thailand. Healthcare is a serious issue and students are advised to ensure that their coverage is adequate. Life as well as health insurance policies are available from private agencies. Travel arrangements in Thailand are easy given that the public transport system here is very well developed. 

Accommodation in Thailand

Residence halls permit students to reside within the vicinity of the campus and give students a chance to participate in on campus activities. Accommodation such as privately owned studio or single/double bedroom at around USD 85 to 215 per month is available. 

Student Visa Processing in Thailand 

International students who need visa for studying in Thailand need to follow these procedures. Documents to to be submitted in connection with the application for visa include the following:
  • Completely filled out visa application form
  • Passport/travel document with more than 6 month validity and its copy
  • Two four by Six cm full faced, bareheaded photographs taken within not less than past 6 months 
  • Transcript or letter of acceptance for the concerned school/university or institute
  • Official note converting purpose of travel from Government Agencies/Embassies and Consulates and/or state enterprises in Thailand 
  • Adequate financing evidence of 20,000 THB per person and 40,000 THB per family
  • Students can apply at the Consulate General or Royal Thai Embassy
  • Visa fee charged for three months for single entry visa is 2000 THB and for multiple entries, for 1 year for 5,000 THB
Foreign students are given a non-immigrant visa valid for 90 days. Persons who are qualified can obtain additional stay permit of one year from date of entry in line with Immigration Bureau regulations on extension of stay
  • Foreign students can extend non immigrant visa before expiry date by submitting following documentation:
  • Letter of acceptance from the university or institute
  • Xerox of passport 
  • Recent four by six cm recent photograph of the applicant 

Travel Arrangements in Thailand 

Students can avail public transportation facilities for travelling within Thailand. There is a well developed train and taxicab service in Thailand. Students can avail discounts while traveling on public transport. Thailand is known for its exotic beaches, stunning mountain ranges and travelling here is very easy. Students will appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Thailand through their travels within the nation.

Health Insurance in Thailand

Student insurance is available at extremely reasonable rates in Thailand. Health insurance is offered by private agencies as well. Generally, the cost of health insurance is considered separate from tuition and cost of living fee.

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