Costs and Financial Aid for Higher Education in Thailand

Budgeting and Source of Funding for Higher Education in Thailand 

Higher studies in Thailand are extremely affordable. The cost of living is also reasonable. Students should be able to limit their expenses if they follow fiscal discipline. The cost for postgraduate programs (only tuition fees) is around 1000 to 2000 THB while it is 5000 THB for doctoral level programs. Students need to account for extra costs such as health insurance, accommodation expenses and more.

Scholarship Including Options of Government Funding for Higher Studies in Thailand 

ADB and Japan Scholarship: This scholarship program is for developing Asia and Pacific nations students. Master’s degree courses scholarships are offered to students from developing nations who are ADB member countries. Postgraduate studies in disciplines such as management, science and technology, economics and development related fields attract this scholarship. Following completion of their higher studies in Thailand, students must contribute towards the development of their home nations.
This scholarship is only open for certain academic institutions and around 300 such scholarships are awarded yearly. As per this scholarship, complete tuition fees is provided along with a monthly subsistence and housing allowance as well as medical insurance and travel costs. The ADB and Japan Scholarship is provided for 1 year and an extension to the second year of study when needed. Two year masters and doctoral level courses are financed through this scholarship.

Eligibility criteria:  The criteria for this scholarship is as follows. National of an ADB borrowing member nation is eligible for this scholarship. He or she must have been granted admission to MA/PhD course in academic institutions. Such students must have excellent academic standing and at least a bachelor’s degree or its equal. They should also have work experience of around two yeas following their degree as well as proficiency in speaking and writing English for pursing higher studies in Thailand. Also, the students must not be older than 35 years during the time of the application and for programs for senior management, age limit is around 45 years. They should also have a satisfactory medical record and return home after studies. Applicants living in or working at countries other than country of origin and academic staff of educational institutions cannot apply for this scholarship. This scholarship program is not for students who are already enrolled in graduate degree courses.

This scholarship is also not for undergraduate studies, research projects, distance learning programs, thesis and such like. Applicants must obtain  data from the chosen institution as to whether this scholarship is applicable. The application needs to be submitted only to the educational institution and not the ADB. Applications for scholarship are sent six months before the allocated time and there should be adherence to time schedules of the concerned higher educational institutions. 

SEARCA Scholarship for Master’s/Doctoral Level Courses: Master’s/MS or PhD scholarship program is to ensure development of professionals in the field of global sustainability. Host institutions include Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand. Fields in which the scholarship is applicable include social sciences, economics, agri business, environmental sciences, agro industrial technology, engineering, forestry and fisheries as well as agricultural and biological sciences. This scholarship is only open to nationals from the following countries: Brunei. Indonesia, Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Timor Leste, Malaysia and Myanmar. 
The scholarship includes tuition and other school fees such as travel allowance, monetary assistance for thesis or dissertation, books and supplies allowances as well as health insurance and stipend for living costs.  
This scholarship is only available to those who are full time employees of academic, research or government institutions and not exceeding 35 years of age. Thesis research should focus on agricultural and rural development. 

Nippon Foundation Fellowship for Asians Who Are Public Intellectual: The API-Nippon Fellowship is designed to stimulate development of intellectuals in the public sector in Asia to promote mutual learning and growth of public spaces as well as create competent professionals in this field for education and industry. Project has many forms but it must fit with themes of API and not fall under regular employment duties. Project is to be carried out in one/more API participating nations and current participating countries are Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. Fields of study include changing identifies, reflections on the human condition, globalisation and social justice. Total number of fellowships awarded each year ranges from 25 to 28 and equals around 4 to 6 in each country where the scholarship is relevant. 
Scholarship comprises stipend as well as accommodation allowance for time spent on the project overseas and amount changes depending upon country. Apart from this airfare cost for one round trip and domestic transport allowance are also given. Research allowance is given to students along with travel insurance as well. 

Eligibility criteria: Applicants must hold nationality or residence status in any of the participating nations at the time of application. Applicants must attend the interview at required time and place and have basic knowledge of English and Thai. Applicants must be based in a particular region.

SCG-Foundation Scholarship(Global Development Studies): This comprises six full scholarships for individuals who wish to appear for MA in International Development Studies at the host institution, Chulalongkorn University in Thailand. The scholarship is open to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines and Indonesia. Scholarship valuations or inclusions comprise round airfare, housing, food, education costs spanning tuition fee as well as workshop and field trips. 

Scholarships are open to NGO workers, government workers and those with a background in development. 
Applicants should be BA students with specialisation in social science and GPA of a minimum of 3.0. They should also possess 2 years working experience in an associated field. Applicants should also have proficiency in English as per the following scores:
  • 550 in PBT-TOEFL
  • 213 in Computer based TOEFL
  • Minimum 6.0 on British Council IELTS
  • 550 in CU-TEP/Test of English Proficiency in Chulalongkorn University
Asian Institute of Technology/AIT Scholarship: Asian Institute of Technology/AIT is offered to postgraduate and doctoral degree programs to qualify for academic fellowships. 
AIT’s School of Engineering and Technology, School of Environment, Resources and Development and School of Management offer these scholarships. 

Eligibility criteria: Students from all nationalities are considered eligible while priority is given to postgraduate degree applicants. Students must have completed a 4 year Bachelor’s degree from the concerned university. Applicants for MBA programs need at least one year concerned work experience. 
AIT Fellowships include Full Cost Study Fellowships, 75% Study Cost Fellowships, 50% Study Cost Fellowship and Fellowship for doctoral candidates. 

NIDA PhD Full Scholarship in Computer Science and Information Systems: School of Applied Statistics, National Institute of Development Administration offers a complete doctoral scholarship in computer science and information systems to foreign students with certain qualifications. Scholarship also includes waiver of tuition fee and stipends for around 3 years of study.  

International Student Academic Research Scholarship Program: This is open to international students who apply for engineering at the Kasetsart University in Thailand. This scholarship is open to engineering students including mechanical, environmental, chemical, energy and agriculture. Once the scholarship is awarded covering tuition fee and living allowance, thesis under a particular topic will have to be covered. 
Students must be citizens of countries using English as language of communication or test score of 500 in TOEFL, 5.5 in ELTS or 600 in TOEIC. Students also must have cumulative GPA of 3.0 or more in  bachelor’s degree in concerned disciplines  

Many scholarships are available at undergraduate, postgraduate , doctoral and post doctoral levels. Students who are Thai nationals as well as those hailing from certain international countries can apply for these scholarships. Financing is a very important part of pursuing higher studies. Fellowships and scholarships can make the path to acquisition of degrees an easy one. 

For latest updates about Scholarship, Aid/Grants and Fee Waiver etc. see Education Funding
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