Selecting the Right Programs in Thailand

What are Your Goals?

One of the most important considerations before applying for higher education is the selection of the right program. This is based on educational goals and aspirations. It is important to outline the goals that will define your future course of study in Thailand. Students should be clear about the qualifications they want to pursue as well as the course they want to take. Thailand is home to many different types of educational institutions including private and public higher educational institutions, universities, community and liberal arts colleges to name a few. Students should also be clear about whether they want to pursue formal or non-formal education. Vocational and technical education requires a very different set of skills and has different implications foe the future. Academic studies are advanced in Thailand and students need to be prepared mentally as well as academically for this. 

Academic Requirement in Thailand and Are you Academically Prepared? 

For entry into higher education in Thailand, students must possess academic requirements that are stipulated by the educational institutions. Upper secondary educational qualifications must have been completed for entry into bachelor’s degree courses. Similarly, only undergraduate students can apply for postgraduate education. Moreover, doctoral degree programs are open to postgraduate students as well as exceptionally brilliant and hardworking undergraduate students. Associate degree courses are also offered in Thailand along with diploma studies. 

Adequate English Proficiency for Higher Education in Thailand

Students in Thailand need to be proficient in English if they have applied for an English medium course. Knowledge of Thai is imperative for courses which are Thai medium. Having working knowledge of the Thai language is also very important, as students need to be skilled in daily interactions to ensure proper comprehension of lessons. Students should submit their IELTS and TOEFL scores for Bachelor’s degree programs and GRE/GMAT scores for postgraduate studies. 

Enough Money For Pursuing Studies in Thailand 

Tuition fees and other fees as well as expenses at undergraduate and graduate level are as follows. 
Undergraduate Level: Tuition fees are around USD 25 to 50 per credit hour while other fees levied are around USD 100 to 250 and Other Expenses are pegged at USD 25 to 150. This is the case for public universities. For private universities, undergraduate tuition fees total USD 30 to 90 per credit hour while other fees equal USD 250 per year and other expenses total USD 75-150 per annum.
Postgraduate Level: For Master’s degree courses, students must pay around USD 1000 to 2000 per year. It is USD 5000 per year for doctorate courses. This is the case for public universities. Private universities have a different rate. Around USD 75 to 125 is charged per credit hour for graduate students while the charge is USD 250 per year for other fees and USD 75 to 150 per annum in other expenses. 
Other fees are charged for health services, student registration, ID creation and living costs. The standards of living in Thailand are high. Another reason why it is a top ranking educational destination is because of its affordable cost of education. 

Preparation For Higher Studies in Thailand

Students can opt for higher studies in Thailand once they have fulfilled academic as well as practical requirements. Apart from proficiency in Thai, English and other subjects, students should also have GRE/GMAT scores for Master’s level programs and SAT/IELTS/TOEFL scores for bachelor’s level courses if they are applying for English medium programs. Students from Thailand must pass exams such as O-NET and U-NET depending upon whether they apply for undergraduate and post graduate courses. They must also have financing for higher studies. Many scholarships and fellowships are available at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level alongside doctoral and postdoctoral research positions.


Higher education in Thailand is well framed and comprehensive. Students should work towards enhancing their academic preparedness before applying to Thai higher educational institutions. Selecting the right program can make a world of difference to the personal and professional development of students.
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