Types of Higher Educational Institutions in Thailand

Higher Educational Institutions in Thailand
Ministry of Education regulates the higher educational institutions through the Higher Education Commission Office. The Commission regulates all state universities as well as private institutions, teacher training higher educational bodies and technical as well as vocational education institutions.
Specialised training institutes fall under the specific ministry relevant to them such as sports, transport and culture. There has been significant rise in the number of tertiary or higher educational institutions in Thailand recent times.

Higher Educational Institutions in Thailand

Growth of Universities: There has been significant rise in the higher educational institutes due to growth in the private education sector and reorganisation of the public sector. Independent campus are being created from existing higher educational institutions and teaching colleges have been upgraded to university status. 35 institutes of technology have been reorganised into 9 universities that are regional.

Types of Universities: Thailand has two open universities which account for a massive share of its students. Ramkhamhaeng University is the biggest educational institution in Thailand and it is an open university. 
Nine institutions were identified to be upgraded into national research universities by the Commission for Higher Education in 2011. Many public state universities have moved away from government control in recent years. 
Thailand has 170 institutions of higher education comprising 15 autonomous universities and 65 public higher educational universities. Remaining are either teacher training colleges or private institutes and community colleges. 

Credit Based System: A credit based system is part of higher education. One credit is awarded for each hour of class time in the semester.  Thailand is home to 19 community colleges. Nearly 2 million students enrolled in higher educational institutions in Thailand in 2010 (UNESCO 2011). 

Higher Educational Institutions in Thailand
Educational Institutions: There are many higher educational institutions including autonomous, traditional, Rajabahat, Rajamangala Technical universities and a Pathumwan Institute of Technology. Traditional public universities will soon be transformed into public autonomous universities according to UNESCO(2011).  Rajabahat Universities are devoted to teacher training and courses include special ed, general education, school administration and more. Rajamangala Universities are educational institutes accepting vocational or technical education diploma or certificate holders. They provide higher diploma in technical education. 


Higher educational institutes in Thailand come under one of two categories. First are the colleges and universities which are under the Ministry of Education. Second category refers to specialised institutions which come under a specific government ministry. Higher education in Thailand is the perfect choice for those who want to excel in the professional sphere and access well rounded education. Higher educational institutions in Thailand are the top choice because of the strong economy, quality education and excellent faculty available at these colleges and universities. Whether students want to pursue technical education or academic education, higher educational institutions in Thailand are the right choice. Students can apply for a vast number of courses including commerce, humanities and science as well as social sciences. Apart from the variety in courses, there are also many choices such as opting for an associate degree or a technical or vocational diploma or certificate course, depending upon the preferences of the students.
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