Types of Degrees in Thailand's Higher Education System

There are many levels of educational qualification including Associate's, Bachelor's, Master’s and Doctorate in Thailand. Higher education system in Thailand is systematic and well structured. Following types of degree options are available:

Associate's Degree: Associate degree programmes are offered by community colleges as well as technical institutions and varsities. Associate degree programs are 2 years in duration. For entrance into Associate degree programs, students must have a Certificate of Secondary or Vocational Education along with a score on the tests for national admission through the admission system of the central university. Majority of the programs are oriented practically and this includes professional, teacher training and technical programs. 

Diploma in Technical or Vocational Education: Following a teacher training program, a diploma in Vocational Education or Technical Education called Bor Wor Chor is conferred on the student. This is the Higher Certificate in technical or vocational education. Diploma in Vocational and/or Technical education provides opportunities for undergraduate students as well as those with diplomas in technical studies. Associate degrees and higher certificates also provide undergraduate students with study opportunities

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Thailand 

Undergraduate Courses: A bachelor’s degree program in Thailand lasts for 4 years and it equals 120 to 150 credits. 30 credits per annum are considered the usual academic load. However, certain courses require 5 years of studying and this includes architecture, graphic art, pharmacy and art. The 5 year courses  equal 150 to 188 credits. The medical, dental and vet medicine programmes need 6 years of studying and equal 210 to 263 credits. These confer award of Doctor degrees, though they are, in a sense, not doctoral programs. Bachelor’s degree courses require completion of 30 credits in general education which includes the following subjects:
  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Science 
  • Math
Credits: 6 elective credits are also needed for bachelor’s degree courses. The remaining credits pertinent for the course are associated with the specialization. Students can also transfer into the final years of undergraduate courses following any of the following degrees:
  • Diploma in vocational or technical education
  • Associate degree
  • 2 year teacher training program
Specialization Credit: Diploma holders must have attained a GPA of at least 2.0. The credits for the specialization area vary with 84 credits for a 4 year bachelor’s program and 114 credits for a 5 year program and electives totalling 6 credits. Courses of vocational education are provided by former Rajamangala Technology institutions (presently known as Rajamangala university) in wide number of fields such as engineering technology, music, home economics, liberal arts and drama. After a bachelor’s degree, students can also access a Graduate Diploma program with an additional year of study.

Graduate Diploma in Thai Higher Educational Institutions

Graduate diploma lasts for a duration of one year and it equals anywhere from 24 to 23 credit systems. Entry into a graduate diploma course requires an undergraduate degree. Graduate diploma is offered in numerous areas and aims to enhance deeper specialisation in the subject of study.

Master’s Degree Course in Thai Higher Educational Institutions 

Master’s degree course in Thailand entails 2 more years of study exceeding bachelor’s though certain programs can be finished in even 1 year with at least 36 number of credits. For entry into a master’s course in Thailand, students must have a bachelor’s degree Grade Point Average of 3. Master’s degree course may also entail a dissertation.  The degree can be attained in any one of the following ways:
  • Attending lectures and appearing in a comprehensive examination( from 45 to 55 credit points)
  • Attending lectures and writing a final dissertation ( 36 credit and 9 to 12 credit points respectively)
  • Conducting research and producing a final dissertation
  • GPA of a minimum of 3 is needed for admission into this program. 
Doctoral Degree in Thai Higher Education Institutions 

Postgraduate degree with GPA of around 3.5 is needed for entry into doctoral courses. Doctoral degree needs between 2 to 5 years of study and at least 48 credit points are needed. Many programmes require more than the set minimum. 12 of the credit points must be from the lectures cum coursework. 

To attain a doctoral degree, a thesis needs to be created and defended as well. Doctoral programmes require 72 credit points for exceptional students from bachelor’s degree level. 

Degree courses in Thailand's higher educational institutions are comprehensive and contemporary. Thailand is the top destination for students who want to access good faculty and quality education.
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