Overview of Higher Education System in Thailand

Higher Education in Thailand

Thai Higher Education System
Tertiary or higher education in Thailand is provided at the following types of educational institutions:
  • Universities
  • Institutes of Technology/Rajamangala Institutes
  • Vocational and technical colleges
  • Teachers colleges/Rajabhat Institute 
  • Professional colleges such as nursing, military and police academies
Statistics: The students enrolled in higher education in the year 2013 totalled 2,298,000 while in 2012, they equalled 2,222,000. This is an increase from 2,150,000 in the year 2011
Vocational education: VE at Thailand is offered in three forms namely the programme which is normal,vocational training (dual) and informal education programme
The  levels of vocational education offered are three namely as follows
  • Certificate in Vocation Education
  • Diploma(Technical) 
  • Higher Diploma 
In the year 2010, the OVEC/ Commission for the Office of Vocational Education of the education ministry managed the following (UNESCO, 2011):
Public Colleges(415)
Vocational Private Schools and Colleges (427)

Educational Reforms: In the same year, according to UNESCO, 90 percent of the students studied in public higher educational institutes.
Thailand government has also commenced a programme referred to as Single District, Single Scholarship to increase accessibility of disadvantaged students towards education. Private Education Commission Office is in charge of the private higher educational institutions while that of higher education supervises public higher educational institutes. Recent reforms (IBE 2011) have conferred autonomy on public universities. 

Courses Studied Popularly in Thailand

Management, humanities, science and social sciences are preferred by students pursuing higher education at Thailand. Commerce and information technology are also popular options. Courses in Thailand focus on imparting theoretical as well as practical learning. 

Why Study in Thailand?

Thai Higher Education System
Quality Education: Thailand is like many Asian nations that value higher education. There is rigorous competition to get into the best schools and Thailand is known for its quality education. World class higher educational institutions are at the forefront of modern science and techno savvy. These provide advantages to global students who study here. International students also travel to this nation to study in areas such as ecology and the environment, given the geographical uniqueness of Thailand. 
Strong Economy: Thai economy is one of the strongest in Southeast parts of Asia. Work opportunities abound here and students who want professional success would benefit from pursuing higher education here.
Low Cost of Living: Cost of living is extremely low due to which global students can access affordable education in Thailand. Cost of food as less as USD 1 per meal and cost of accommodation in the nation is also very reasonable. 
Rich Culture: Thailand is a unique blend of modernity and tradition. International business houses and ancient Buddhist temples exist alongside in a balanced way. Thailand is known for its rich cultural and historical legacy and students would benefit from choosing higher studies here. 
Enjoyable Experience:  The food, weather and beaches are another draw for students who want to pursue quality education in beautiful natural surroundings. Adventure and travel are some of the other advantages of choosing to study in Thailand.


Thailand is one of the top study destinations in the world for students who want to balance personal and professional development. With many courses to choose from and varied higher educational institutions, Thailand symbolises modernity and tradition in one go. It is perfect for students who want to explore beautiful natural surroundings and access excellent higher educational facilities as well. 
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