Academic Year and Medium of Instruction in Thailand

Academic Year in Thai Schools 

Academic Year and Language of Instruction in Thailand
Government schools differ in terms of their timing but they generally commence at 8:30 am and end close to 15:30. International schools commence and close at different times depending upon the nature of the school. Private global schools follow different schedule for school vacations. They are most likely to go as per the timetable of Western schools. This includes a 5 week holiday in July and August and 2 weeks for Christmas as well as Easter. 

Though all Thai state schools follow the same schedule, there are differences between individual schools and provinces. 
Two main holidays which fall in the state school year include:
  • One  month commencing from October 1
  • March to April: 2 months commencing from the start of March and the closure of April

Thai schools remain closed for national holidays. Global schools also close for religious holidays. In the Thai academic years, there are 2 semesters and an optional summer semester. 
First semester: Opens in the middle of May and continues till September end 
Second semester: This is from November until the close of February or the start of March.

Academic Year in Thai Higher Educational Institutions 

The university year commences in the following timeline:

 University Academic Year  
Semester 1Starts in June  Ends in October  
Semester 2 Starts in Mid November Ends in Mid March 

Academic Year and Medium of Instruction in Thailand
Here is a typical schedule followed by a Thai University:
Semester System
 First Semester
  • Classes commence: August
  • Mid Term Exams: September to October 
  • Final Exams: December 
Second Semester
  • Classes commence: January
  • Mid Term Exams:
  • March
  • Final Exams: May
Third Semester/Summer Season
  • Classes Commence: June 
  • Classes and Exams end: July
  • Last Day of Academic Year: August(next year)

Trimester System
First Trimester
  • Classes commence: August
  • Mid term exams: September to October
  • Final Exams: November 
Second Trimester
  • Classes commence: December 
  • Mid term exams: January
  • Final exams: March
Third Trimester
  • Classes commence: April
  • Final term exams: July
  • Last day of academic year: August (next year)

List of Academic Holidays in 2015

Jan 1, 2015: Thursday
New Year's Day

Jan 2, 2015: Friday
Bridge Public Holiday

Jan 10, 2015: Saturday
National Children's Day

Jan 16 2015: Friday
Teachers' Day

Feb 14, 2015: Saturday
Valentine's Day

Feb 19, 2015: Thursday
Chinese Lunar New Year's Day

Feb 20, 2015: Friday
Second day of Chinese Lunar New Year

Feb 21, 2015: Saturday
Third day of Chinese Lunar New Year

Mar 4, 2015: Wednesday
Makha Bucha

Mar 20, 2015: Friday
March equinox

Apr 6, 2015: Monday
Chakri Day

Apr 13, 2015: Monday

Apr 14, 2015: Tuesday

Apr 15, 2015: Wednesday

May 1, 2015: Friday
Labor Day

May 4, 2015: Monday
Bridge Public Holiday

May 5, 2015: Tuesday
Coronation Day

May 13, 2015: Wednesday
Royal Ploughing Ceremony Day

Jun 1, 2015: Monday
Visakha Bucha

Jun 21, 2015: Sunday
June Solstice

Jul 1, 2015: Wednesday
Mid Year Bank Holiday

Jul 30, 2015: Thursday
Asalha Bucha

Jul 31, 2015: Friday
Buddhist Lent Day

Aug 12, 2015: Wednesday
The Queen's Birthday

Aug 12, 2015: Wednesday
Mother's Day

Sep 23, 2015: Wednesday
September equinox

Oct 23, 2015: Friday
Chulalongkorn Day

Nov 25, 2015: Wednesday
Loy Krathong

Dec 4, 2015: Friday
Father's Day observed

Dec 5, 2015: Saturday
The King's Birthday

Dec 7, 2015: Monday
The King's Birthday observed

Dec 10, 2015: Thursday
Constitution Day

Dec 22, 2015: Tuesday
December Solstice

Dec 24, 2015: Thursday
Christmas Eve

Dec 25, 2015: Friday
Christmas Day

Dec 31, 2015: Thursday
New Year's Eve

Medium of Instruction in Thailand

Thai is the official language of the nation. It is mostly used as a medium of instruction in Thai universities and colleges. Thai schools also use the national language as a medium of instruction. Thai international schools impart education in English medium. Even in higher educational institutions, there is increasing use of English as a language of instruction. 


System of academic year followed in Thai higher educational institutions varies depending upon whether the semester or trimester system is followed. Thai schooling system has a well defined academic year. Medium of instruction is mostly Thai. 
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