Academic Grading System in Thailand

There is a well formulated academic system for grading at school and university level in Thailand. Academic grading is essentially through a numerical scale in both systems of education.

Academic Grading in School Education System in Thailand 

Following system is used for grading subjects in secondary education:
  • 4: Excellent
  • 3: Good
  • 2: Fair 
  • 1: Pass
  • 0: Fail

Grading in Higher Education in Thailand 

Grading of subjects in higher educational institutions is more differentiated. A Letter Grade is also assigned along with a Numerical Grade in the following manner:
  • A: Excellent/4.00
  • B : Very Good/3.50
  • B: Good/3.00
  • C : Fairly Good/2.50
  • C: Fair/2.00
  • D : Poor/1.50
  • D: Very poor/1.00
  • F: Failure/0.00
  • I: Incomplete
  • W: Withdrawn
  • AU: Withdrawn due to failure 
Letter Grading System: In the undergraduate as well as graduate programmes, Thai higher education employs the use of the letter grading system. Other grading methods are also applied. Grades are computed in the form of GPAs over the span of a course. 

Grade point average: This has become one of the most commonly used methods of grading in higher education in Thailand. GPA is the average of course grades received during the semester. A student completes a degree through GPA or grade point average. Cumulative GPA is the GPA for courses taken throughout the course of the degree programme. For working out the GPA, the numerical value for each letter grade achieved for the course is multiplied by the number of credits for each course. These numbers are added together and divided by total credit number for all courses. 

Other Main Grading Systems 

Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University:
  • H: Honor  or 75 to 100 percent  
  • S: Pass or 60 to 74 percent  
  • F: Fail 0 or 59 percent and below 
  • U: failure, 
  • I : Incomplete. 
Ramkhamhaeng University:
  • G: Good  or 75 – 100 percent 
  • P: Pass or 60 to 74%
  • F: Failure or 0 to 59%

Grade point average is one of the most universal systems of grading. Apart from this, there is lettered and numerical grading as well. Systems of grading are also typical to certain universities. Some universities have their own systems of grading which differ from the norm. Usually however, in higher education, the numerical and lettered system of grading predominates. Those public educational institutions which are under the control of the ministry follow the letter and number system of grading as per the norm. Private educational institutions mostly follow the uniform system. Higher education in Thailand is either academic or vocational in nature.

As far as school education is concerned, grading is through a numerical system only. School education in Thailand is extremely well organised and systematic. It comes under the control of the Ministry of Education.
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