GAT PAT U-NET and O-NET Tests in Thailand

Standardised Tests in Thailand

PAT/Professional Aptitude Test and GAT/General Aptitude Test are taken for admission into Thai universities. These tests are standardised and have a particular format. U-NET or University National Educational Test and O-NET or Ordinary National Education Test are some other standardised tests involving the admission procedure. 

Test Format and Scoring of GAT and PAT

GAT: General Aptitude Test assesses English skills in speaking, vocabulary, structure and writing. Section 2 of the test is based on 50% of the score and it is associated with a comprehensive test for communicating in English. Students will need to brush up on their essential grammar and vocabulary for success in this examination. 
PAT: or Professional Aptitude Test assesses skills in maths, science, engineering, architecture, teachers aptitude, art aptitude and aptitude in foreign languages such as French, German, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and Pali. 

GAT and PAT are crucial for university admission in Thailand. They account for 10 to 50 percent and 0 to 40 percent accordingly. Rest is obtained from GPAX or Cumulative Grade Point Average. This is assessed from Grades 10 to 12 with a total of 6 semesters.

Duration and Fee for GAT and PAT

PAT and GAT are arranged twice a year while O-NET is arranged only once. Fees are allocated as per entrance charges for these tests. More information can be obtained about these tests at the following link.

Institutions Accepting GAT and PAT 

All organisations and universities in Thailand accept GAT and PAT.  These are the most well known tests for entrance into higher studies in Thailand. Apart from universities, community colleges and teacher training colleges also consider GAT and PAT scores.

Test Format and Scoring of O-NET

Standardised Tests in Thailand
National Institute of Education Testing Service is responsible for conducting the Ordinary National Education exam which is a test for assessing knowledge and proficiency of grades 6,9 and 12 students in line with 67 standards of learning covering the following major subject areas:

  • Thai Language
  • Math
  • Sciences
  • Social Sciences Culture and Religion
  • English language
  • Health and physical education
  • Art
  • Career and Technology

The test aims to assess students as per the Basic Education Core Curriculum namely B. E. 2551.
This assessment is seen as a compulsory part of graduation for improving teaching methodology and academic proficiency and also using the assessment for other functions such as skill assessing. 

For Grade 6 and 9 there are 6 test papers while Grade 12 has around 2 test papers. 

How to Check Scores for O-NET
  • For schools
  • Access to, then select O-NET 
  • Place username and password
  • Go Through the procedures given on website
  • For individuals
  • Access to and select O-NET 
  • Enter the 13-digit ID
  • Follow procedures announced on the web

List of Institutions Accepting O-NET

All Thai universities accept O-NET or Ordinary National Education Test scores. More information can be obtained about the test at this link

U-NET: Test Format and Scoring

U-NET is for evaluating the grade in TQF or National Higher Education Qualifications Framework
Quality assurance and external quality assessment are emphasised to test the quality of graduate students. This is also used for assessing standards of educational excellence of colleges. U-NET tests students in 4 basic areas namely Thai, English, Media Literacy and Critical Thinking alongside Moral Reasoning. 

List of Institutions Accepting U-NET

All universities in Thailand accept U-NET. For more information, log onto the link below:


The system of GAT and PAT came about when the erstwhile N-NET and N-NET were removed from the testing scene. Instead, GAT and PAT were put forth by the education authorities to assess language and aptitude skills of students.  O-NET is for assessing student as well as teacher proficiency. U-NET is for admission into universities. 

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