Admission Requirements for Bachelor's Degree in Thailand

A Bachelor’s degree course in Thailand is the perfect option for those who are interested in personal as well as professional development. Thailand has a sound economy and rich cultural heritage making it the top choice for students who value academic excellence. 

Duration and Language of Bachelor’s Degree in Thailand

Most bachelor's degree programmes are full time and takes 4 years for completion. However, programs devoted to architecture and education which last for 5 years. Doctor of dental surgery, medicine, veterinary medicine and pharmacy need 6 years of study. Most of the programs are taught in Thai though there are English medium courses as well. 

Entrance Test Requirements for Bachelor’s Degree in Thailand

Tests: Students must pass the CUAS or Central University Admission System which comprises 50% of O-NET and A-NET results and 4th level GPA results. Many changes have resulted in the university admissions system since 2001 however state run universities do direct screening of 70% of their students while the remaining 30% are from the Central Admission system.

New system provides 20% weightage to cumulative GPA which varies based on the standards of the school. The first tests are the A-NET and O-NET followed by the GAT or General Aptitude Test and the Professional Aptitude Test. There is also a non formal national education exam and a vocational national education exam known as N-Net and V-Net respectively. National Education Test comprises O-NET, V-NET, N-NET and GAT/PAT. For detailed information see Standardized Tests

Methods of Selection: Currently, there are two ways in which students are selected for admission into universities. While the first method is the admission system originally managed by the National Institute of ETS (Education Testing Service). The second method is the direct admission system which is followed by each university. 

Courses Offered For Higher Studies in Thailand
There are a wide range of courses offered at Bachelor’s degree level. This includes arts, humanities, science and commerce. Some students opt for professional courses such as medicine and management. New courses such as those on IT, biotechnology etc are also readily available in Thailand. 

Admission Process for Bachelor’s Program in Thailand

Following the choice of which program to study, the completed application form has to be sent to the institution. Following arrival of application, a letter of admission will be sent and students from other countries may use it to get the student visa at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in their nation.  On the day of the registration, as per the application schedule for each semester, entrance exams will be attempted. Certain categories of students are exempted from taking the exam. 

Academic Calendar For Bachelor’s Degree in Thailand

International students have to apply in May to commence studies in June and October to start their semesters in November. Thai students can apply all throughout the year and commence studies with the next semester.  Both international and domestic students who wish to study non-degree programmes can do so throughout the year.
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